About Us

GameDemoReviews is a site dedicated to reviewing game demos, to help you work out which are worth the download and which you should skip. We treat the demo as an independent experience, not as a taster for the full game – we think this is reasonable, there are enough demos released that a fairly casual gamer can easily play nothing else. We also believe the internet deserves a website devoted to every idea, no matter how fundamentally unsound. Note that if we give a demo a good or bad score, that doesn’t necessarily mean we love or hate the full game, just the demo.

We plan to cover the biggest demos, and will be throwing in some reviews of older demos you might have missed. Each demo review is scored out of three, the scale is:

  • 3/3 – Drop what you’re playing and grab this!
  • 2/3 – Play the demo
  • 1/3 – For fans only
  • 0/3 – Waste of pixels

Feel free to post your own experiences with the demos we review in the comments section for each demo review.


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